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The god of war was known for his tenacity and dominion over the battlefield but he was also known for his vast wisdom. Like the god of war, it takes wisdom to know when to change your plan of attack. If the warrior you once were has become sluggish, we’ll help you kick his sorry ass out of bed with Testosterone Replacement Therapy (or TRT). Normal hormone levels are essential to living a happy healthy life, and low Testosterone could be the reason you’re not feeling yourself. This treatment has a wide range of benefits that can improve your body’s natural ability to manage stress, enhance your cognitive function, increase your stamina, and help you lose weight. Not only that but elevated testosterone can decrease your risk for developing cardiovascular disease and help you lower your cholesterol. Sign up for your free consultation today and unleash your inner Thor.




Become the warrior queen you’ve always wanted to be. Let Swole Alternative be your key to unlocking your inner Amazon and dominating your daily battleground. Hormone Replacement Therapy (or HRT) can help your quality of sleep, improve your mood, prevent bone loss and fracture, prevent thinning hair, and increase your cognitive and muscular function. Not only that but HRT can reduce your risk of heart failure. Whether it’s at work, or after yoga, break free of pressure and pain with our incredible products designed to help you succeed. Welcome to a world of not only meeting your goals, but exceeding your own expectations. Sign up for your free consultation today and unleash your inner Freyja.

We Believe In

Your Victory

Our community will be here for your TRT journey as you take every step. We’ve been where you are now, we’ve navigated that landscape, and we’ve even laminated our map.

Regain and Maintain

Warrior Strength

At Swole Alternative we really believe in a three part process to success; Strength, Metabolism, and Stamina. The effective pyramid of power. Through understanding these three fundamentals, you’ll come to understand what it means to be a warrior, and how being one can net you the exact experience you want out of life. Don’t settle for your imbalances. Fix them


Surpass those you consider to be strong. Don’t ever sell yourself short. Experience true herculean power.


Do you feel like you could lift a pig but you also eat like one? We’ve had that problem too. Many candidates experience weight gain due to low levels of testosterone.


Not only important to affairs of the amorous variety, but also very fundamental for endurance
If you feel hot, you take a swim, if you feel cold you might drink a cup of coffee. What do you do if you feel old? You become a f#%king machine is what you do. Don’t let your age stop you from achieving your goals. Testosterone replacement is not a young man’s game. 40% of men will suffer from low levels at some point.


Body Optimization

When it comes to bodybuilding there are only five fundamental tenets to live by. Encourage, develop, nutrify, flex, and succeed. When you accomplish these all in perfect coordination you’re either a professional bodybuilder or you’ve been taking Swole Alternative products for a while now.


If your body isn’t performing in a way that works for you, then reprogram it. Peptide Therapy is a viable solution to numerous issues including sleep, depression, low energy, weight gain, and many more. Don’t settle for feeling uncomfortable. Experience life like it’s heaven.


So many suppliers use outrageous amounts of non-active ingredients and fillers. Our products come with nothing but the purest, proven, and tested ingredients we can find. Thanks to years of dedication and research, our team was able to realize and develop new and improved ingredients which allow for a higher concentration of activity in the body. You haven’t tried much until you’ve tried Swole Alternative.



Swole Alternative is built on a promise. Not a promise to change you. Not a promise to alter who you are. But the promise that we will bring out the person you love within yourself. An imbalance in testosterone and other hormones can lead to serious and occasionally fatal side effects. No one wants that for their friends or family. Let us give us the help you need to feel your best. Sign Up for your Free Consultation Today.


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