If you’re reading this blog, I’ll consider that you’re curious about your health, or is it possible that someone told you about this innovation that has come into the market named Hormonal Replacement Therapy?
In either case, you’re in the right place because we will discuss a few things about hormonal therapy, focusing on hormonal replacement therapy for men.

What is HRT for men?

To understand hormonal replacement therapy, you must know what hormones are first!

So, hormones are the chemical messengers of the human body that connect all the organs and organ systems through an intricate network governed by complex signaling and feedback. Now hormones control most of our metabolic and physiological activities, normal living, breathing, and bodily movement. When the production of any hormone goes down, or maybe it doesn’t match the level of demand, or sometimes, the sensitivity to that hormone decreases- all these bodily functions are also severely affected. This is dangerous and causes numerous serious diseases, like ones we all know (diabetes, hyperthyroidism, etc.) to rare syndromes that are mostly unheard of (Hashimoto disease, lupus, sarcoidosis, Cushing syndrome, Addison syndrome, etc.).

Now, if we delve deeper- HRT can be of many types like – HRT for children, women, pregnant mothers, adult men, older individuals, etc. These have their highly specific use case and are widely utilized nowadays, especially in children and women, constituting more than 70 percent of all patients with hormonal disorders.

HRT for men is specially designed for masculine physiology. These are usually a combination of male sex hormones (androgens like testosterone, Interstitial cell stimulating hormones), the Stress hormone (cortisol), growth hormones, and thyroid hormones.

HRT: Types and used hormones

So, HRT can be of various uses, and the used hormone vary accordingly, as follows:

Growth hormone replacement

These are used in children with short stature, i.e., the ones with congenital growth and development disorders such as dwarfism, and in many pediatric metabolic disorders as well because Growth hormones boost metabolism.

Thyroid hormone supplement

People who suffer from hypothyroidism due to non (or insufficient) synthesis of T3, T4, etc., thyroid hormones might need supplemental Thyroid hormone delivered directly in urgent cases.

Insulin therapy

Probably the oldest of all, HRT – Artificially prepared Insulin has been used extensively in all type 1 diabetic patient who can’t produce their insulin due to gland destruction.

Estrogen progesterone therapy

A steady treatment nowadays in reproductive age women who suffer from fibroids, PCOS, infertility, etc., gynecological issues where the main disturbance is in the imbalanced levels of female sex hormones.

Androgen supplements

It is used to treat male infertility, gain muscle mass weight, and boost metabolism in men. This is what we call HRT for men. Low-dose testosterone supplement is used for the long term.

Who exactly needs this HRT for men?

Now you know what HRT is for men; you might ask, “Why do I even need it?”

These therapies help persons with some diseases affecting their natural hormone levels. However, supplemental hormones have no proven efficacy in increasing functions in the normal human body nor in preventing a natural decrease in levels due to old age.

The most common and popular HRT for men is Testosterone therapy. It is given to men with congenital hypogonadism, i.e., underdeveloped genitalia that fails to produce sufficient hormones. Similarly, other uses are in people who suffer from:

  • Dwarfism (growth hormone deficiency)
  • Metabolic disorders due to hypothyroidism ( remember that story I told you in the beginning?)
  • Low-stress tolerance (Cortisol deficiency)
  • Infertility
  • Immature gonads
  • Abnormal estrogen levels in the male body
  • In some severe cases of anemia
  • Benefits of HRT over Conventional therapeutics

    Now the million dollar question is why would you choose something new like HRT over the age-old medicine and surgery?
    Well, don’t you want some relief rather than suffering over and again in a never-ending cycle? In most metabolic diseases, the chemical drugs used so far can only provide symptomatic relief by suppressing the ill effects momentarily. But they can’t reverse the underlying hormonal disbalance, deficiency, or genetic mutations that may affect any anomaly in normal physiology. But HRT – it does!

    Being the synthetic counterparts of our natural chemical messengers, HRT can actually and effectively stabilize the metabolic processes for a long time, and these are proven to have a positive role in restricting the vicious effects of genetic mutations. I mean, you get some actual relief that’s worth the effort. And believe me on this – if used cautiously under the supervision of an experienced and trained medical professional, the chances of any adverse effects are very less likely ( your over-the-counter drugs aren’t exactly free from side effects anyway! ). Like hormone replacement therapy for men, which has helped thousands worldwide regain confidence, gain muscle mass, and successfully treat their infertility issues.

    HRT is the medicine of tomorrow. It is the next-generation therapeutics that we all have to accept, eventually. Then why not do it now?

    It’s for the sake of patients’ good, as always. Don’t worry. Contact the clinic and book your appointment today!