The human mind is strange indeed. As an inquisitive species, we are always searching for something new, something a bit better. And again, when a radical innovation appears to revolutionize our perception of the world and our standard of living, we feel fear. We resist; we build myths around it to push the thing back. This has been the fate of most recent and ancient advances, starting from Renaissance legends like Galelio until today’s wonders of modern medicines such as radiotherapy, PET scans, and all.

I’m not writing this piece to rant about some social conflict or anything. Rather, I’d like, before anything, to tell you one simple thing – scientific advances are what brought us this far. So when it comes to alternate therapies such as Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men, you must have an open mind and first understand what it is all about! If you don’t know the basics, how will you judge if it’s right or not? That’s the way.

What is HRT for men?

Hormones are the chemical messengers of our body that connect all the organs and organ systems through an intricate network governed by complex signalling and feedback. Now hormones control most of our metabolic and physiological activities, aka normal bodily functions. When the production of any hormone goes down, or maybe it doesn’t match the level of demand, or sometimes, the sensitivity to that hormone decreases. Those bodily functions are severely affected as well. This is dangerous and causes many serious diseases, like ones we all know (diabetes, hyperthyroidism, etc.) to rare syndromes that are mostly unheard of (Hashimoto disease, lupus, sarcoidosis, Cushing syndrome, Addison syndrome, etc.). The range is quite terrific.

HRT for men is specially designed for masculine physiology. These are usually a combination of male sex hormones (androgens like testosterone, Interstitial cell stimulating hormones), the Stress hormone (cortisol), growth hormones, and thyroid hormones. 

Who exactly needs this HRT for men?

Now you know what is HRT for men, you might ask, “Why do I even need it?”

These therapies help persons with some diseases affecting their natural hormone levels. However, supplemental hormones have no proven efficacy in increasing functions in the normal human body nor preventing a natural decrease in levels due to old age.

The most common and popular HRT for men is Testosterone therapy. It is given to men with congenital hypogonadism, i.e., underdeveloped genitalia that fails to produce sufficient hormones. Similarly, other uses are in people who suffer from:

  • Dwarfism (growth hormone deficiency)
  • Metabolic disorders due to hypothyroidism ( remember that story I told you in the beginning?)
  • Low-stress tolerance (Cortisol deficiency)
  • Infertility
  • Immature gonads
  • Abnormal estrogen levels in the male body 
  • In some severe cases of anemia 

Fact or fiction: debunking myths about HRT for men

There has been a lot of skepticism regarding Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men lately. People are concerned about its safety, efficiency, and even cost benefits. I’m not being judgemental here because I get it. Replacing time-tested popular therapy with some experimental new stuff makes me feel like a guinea pig. But that was before I read about HRT for men. You don’t need to meticulously go through the lengthy fact-checking process because I’ve done it for you. Read on, okay?

  • Is HRT for men safe?

Yes. In controlled clinical settings, things seldom go wrong.

  • Is it true that taking hormones can mess up your body? Will I face the consequences later?

Generally, external doses of hormones are associated with many side effects as these certainly interfere with normal body physiology, and the dynamic balance among all the systems that persist in our body gets disturbed. Some erratic changes follow in bowel habits, loss of appetite, sleep cycle, fatigue, unexplained pains, and psychological issues such as anxiety, depression, etc. But when you’re under the supervision of an experienced endocrinologist, then nothing like this happens because your doctor will regulate and monitor the dose round the clock to suit your needs

  • Is it effective at all?

It is. In most hormone deficiency syndromes, the problem is in the internal physiology that can be suppressed but not cured using regular drugs. Artificial Hormones, mimicking our molecules, can pull a few strings and almost completely treat the symptoms I mentioned. You will have to take small doses for months, maybe years. But in the end, victory will be yours.

  • Okay, but HRT costs more than regular treatments!

It’s probably a bad example, but do you remember how costly the internet was back then? And look now, my 4G unlimited pack costs less than the price of 200 MB of 2G data in my college days. 

When new things are released first, the cost lies certainly in the upper side due to production values, exclusive rights, and more. But it will be pocket-friendly soon. And even if we consider the high prices of HRT for men when it comes to treating metabolic symptoms, the concern of spending a few extra thousand troubles far less than facing symptoms that turn your life upside down.

So that’s all. I believe criticism is always needed for betterment, but you also must acknowledge a good thing when you see it.

Don’t deprive yourself of the wonders of HRT. Take control, and live a healthy life. Contact the clinic now.