Knowing The ‘How Much’ Of Estrogen Therapy Cost

Many people think that estrogen therapy must cost an arm and a leg in order to get treatment. The truth of the matter is that estrogen therapy does not have to be expensive and with the right insurance can be quite affordable. The trouble comes with finding legitimate information pertaining to how much estrogen therapy costs. Well look no further, all the information you want and need on how much estrogen therapy costs is right here.

Estrogen Pricing and You

If you’re paying more than $100 a month for your estrogen treatments then you are paying too much. It’s not surprising that you might find some medical professionals who are offering treatments at a much higher cost. However the average cost of treatments can widely vary depending upon:

  • If you are insured and your insurance covers hormone therapy under the list of procedures they will reimburse for. 
  • If you are using a generic or brand name product. Brand name products will always be more expensive than their generic counterparts but the name costs more for a reason – It does what it promises. 
  • The method of application: Injection, Pellets, Cream, Etc
  • Which pharmacy is filling your medication

There are a large number of places where you can get your prescription filled without having to worry about excessive costs. Walmart often offers a generic estrogen option that can be as cheap as $4 or a monthly supply. Even without insurance the average cost of treatment per month costs between $30-$90 depending upon the medication prescribed for use. Other expenses might include a doctor’s visit which can range, on average, between $75 – $200 for a checkup and to ensure you are ready for treatment. Often the doctors will require blood work before prescribing any form of estrogen treatment to check hormone levels. Without insurance this could cost up to $1000 for all of the blood work required to begin treatment. 

Knowing Means Saving

Now that you know about estrogen therapy costs you can perform more research into receiving treatment knowing what you should be paying and protecting yourself from being gouged. No one should have to pay excessively high prices for the treatments you need. And when it comes to TRT and ED treatments, you’ll want to head to Swole Alternative Medicine and schedule a consultation with our qualified medical professionals to ensure you get the best TRT and ED treatments on the market.