How to get TRT? Ways to Reliable Choice!


The shocking discovery of your low Testosterone levels can now be cured with TRT, also called Androgen Replacement Therapy.

The doctor, on its diagnosis, conducts a thorough medical check-up and other physical and laboratory examinations and first gives a prescription.

And once the core reason behind low-level Testosterone is discovered, you are good to go with the following viable range of options of TRT for treating hypogonadism or low T.

Make it Topical:

The gradual absorption of gels, patches, and solutions produces stable testosterone levels in the blood.

Caution after its application:  Stay away from skin-on-skin disease contact until it’s completely absorbed, as it may transfer to other people and can be dangerous.

Possible Drawback: These topical products are less appealing, give off an unpleasant odor, and sometimes cause skin irritation. But, worry not, as they are still less toxic to your liver, which might be a plus point for you.

Get Injections:

With its 2 types of formulation availability, you can either go for:

  • Long-acting treatment involves deep injections into the muscle that require a shot every 4 to 10 weeks apart.
  • Short-acting treatment under the skin acts on shots every 1 to 2 weeks.

Dosage and frequency mostly depend upon the condition of a person and treatment. While the only drawbacks that you might face are fluctuation in testosterone level, leading to mood swings and an imbalance of energy levels.

Go for Cheek or Buccal Patches:

Another way to increase testosterone level is by placing a buccal patch inside your mouth above the upper teeth. This system allows the absorption of Testosterone within 12 hours.

However, its downside is headache and irritation of the oral cavity.

Implant Pellets:

For the implantation of Pellets, you will have to seek an inpatient surgery procedure under the supervision of a healthcare assistant. These plastic pellets are located under the skin of the hips and dissolve slowly within 3 to 6 months’ time.

The dosage usually varies, and you must ensure to get your doctor’s advice on the first implantation! 

Take Oral Tablets:

It is the least practiced treatment for TRT due to its causing harm to the liver and sometimes results in hypertension and stroke. It is only taken by patients who are not comfortable with other types of TRT.

So, it is best you make up your mind!

Apply Nasal Gel:

All you need to do is apply the nasal gel inside your nose three times a day. It is best compared to gels because it eliminates the risk of transferring it to other people.

The possible drawback: are a runny nose, nosebleed, and nasal discomfort.

To Wrap Up!

Now that you know the possible benefits and drawbacks of TRT, you surely need to opt for these TRT under the recommendation of professional medical care assistance. So, it will allow you to connect with doctors and nutritionists. And to your good luck, you have come to the right place! We are offering online consultation.

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