Optimal Body Fat Percentages for Male: What is the Ideal Amount?

There is a lot of debate surrounding optimal body fat percentages for males. Some people believe that a very low body fat percentage is the key to good health, while others maintain that a higher body fat percentage is better. So, what is the ideal amount? Let’s take a look at some of the research on this topic and find out!

Optimal Body Fat Percentages For Male

According to the American Council on Exercise, the average man has a body fat percentage of 18-24%. This range is considered healthy and optimal for most men. However, there are some men who fall outside of this range and are still healthy. For example, bodybuilders and other athletes often have body fat percentages that are below 18%.

On average, there is 8-19% fat for men in the age group of 20-39 because they are generally more active and have less fat-storing in their bodies.

The age group of 40-59 has 11-21% fat because men start to lose muscle mass and bone density as they age.

The age group of 60 and above has an average of 13-24% fat because at this stage in life, men are more likely to be sedentary and have more fat-storing in their bodies.

Essential fat

The essential fat is 2-5% which is needed for survival. This is the minimum amount of fat that a man can have and still be healthy.


The average body fat percentage for athletes is between six and thirteen percent. However, some athletes may have a body fat percentage as low as two or three percent.


Bodybuilders often have a body fat percentage of less than ten percent.

Sumo wrestlers

Sumo wrestlers have a body fat percentage of around 25%.


The average man should aim for a body fat percentage of 14-17%. This is the range that is considered healthy and optimal for most men.

Acceptable range

The acceptable range for body fat percentage is 18-24%. This is the range that is considered healthy and optimal for most men.

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